Wednesday, March 12, 2008

About the book Sreechakaram

Sreechakra is known as the king of chakras .One who keeps Sreechakra in his house or in work place no doubt, he will get all wishes from mother goddess LALITHA. He must be an upasaka .Upasakas will achieve thing in their life. The mantra of sreechakra is SREEVIDYA or SHODASASKHARI. There is a book explaining all about sreechakram in Malayalam. This is the only book available in Malayalam about sreechakra.It gives a correct picture of sreechakra and the way of drawing sreechakram. Sreechakra includes 9 other Chakras. (Aavaranachakram). Brief statements given below.

1.Trailokya Mohana
2.Sarvasa Paripuraka
3.Sarva Sankshobhana
4.Sarva Saubhagyadayaka
6.Sarva Rakshakara
7.Sarva Rogahara
8.Sarva Siddhiprada
9. Sarvanandamaya

Sreechakra has the form of the Chakram(Wheel) as well as Meru (mountain). Through the worship if Sreechakra is achieved Brahmagnana